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Ice Cream Arrangement


Flavours owned and originated by Tomboi Artisan Ice Cream LTD. Feb.2019 (seasonally available)

SP- Silver Plum - Sweet plums and Slivovitz.

CM - Cuban Magic : Cuban Coffee, Cuban Rum and Cocoa . 

C - Chesters’ Rhubarb :  Rhubarb, cloves and a strawberry splash.

I- Isla: strawberries, chamomile  flowers, and chocolate chips.

LS - Lotsa Strawberry :  Just lotsa Strawberries.

J-Rock:  Dark chocolate 2 ways and fresh Spearmint

MT - Mac T – Earl grey tea, lavender flowers and Beth's local honey.

CC - Coco – a special triple chocolate recipe of dark Swiss chocolate, cacao, Netherlands Coco.

AW - Avocado/wasabi –  Creamy avocado and a wasabi zing.

UP - Grahams Unicorn Poo – strawberry/or raspberry, rainbow marshmallows, and fairy sprinkles (naturally). 

L3-Lemon 3 – Lemon Zest, Lemon juice, and Cardamom

TT- Tassie Tiger- Australian Liquorice, orange juice and zest.

GS - Ginger snapped : a Christmas favourite , snappy ginger, cinnamon and molasses.

CAM - A Christmas Cameo : dark cocoa, and sweet sour cherries.

BC - banana – chocolate swirls – just simply bananas, and dark chocolate swirls.

WL – Barbs White Lace – Not just Vanilla,  Beth's Wild flower honey, Madagascar vanilla bean.

SA- Selena's Aurora, blueberries, Basil, Açai, a touch of local Maple Syrup.

WR-White Ribbon- white chocolate and Ice Wine. 

JO-Jacki-O - Roasted Pumpkin, cinnamon, local maple syrup and All spice.

BB-Blues Berry - Ontario blues berry, Canadian Whisky and Ginger

CM-Canadian Maple Eh ? - Bacon (artificial), Maple syrup, a little salty and sweet aren't we eh ?

 ST-Stella - Amaretto, Maraschino Cherries, white chocolate, and confetti fruit.

HL-Heart Light - Smoked Honey, Strawberries, Peaches

B-Booby-Prize - Cinnamon Sautéed Fresh Strawberries

SB- Space Balls - our own BubbleGum recipe, blueberries, strawberries, and banana (topped with Space Balls 

freeze dried Skittles")

GR- Gypsy Rose- Cranberry poached pears, with Rosewater and Saffron.

SM-Saturns Moon- buttery popcorn and creamy potatoe
Z-Zyla-Flower power- Passion flower Chamomile and Mango

I-Imagine- Birthday Cake

SB- Saugie Berry, -Very Berry,,! And marshmallow fluff,

P2- Paisley Paddler - Sacred Salted Caramel

SJ-That Summer Jazz- Caramelized fresh orange and white chocolate, wild orange/tangerine essential oil

For those who prefer a lighter option we have berry and or tropical fruit froyo , blended in house. " a little of This n that".

Non-Dairy lovers: our beautiful Snow Cakes

CR- Cool Running - Coconut milk and toasted coconut. Tropical !! 
PD- Paradise- sweet potatoe, papapya, ,lemon, w/soy milk

CAN-Candaley-St.Lucian Cocoa Tea, sweet potatoe, w/coconut milk black cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg

H-Haruka- a True Matcha Dive! Green Tea with Ginger

*EU-Eureka... 2021 * Soya/coconut milk, Copaiba, Hemp and Spirulina, Carob and Spearmint (Choc Mint)

sorbet- green apple, Rasperry or Key lime

NAS – No Added Sugar – current flavour Moose Trax or Maple Walnut.



Isla: Our first "Happy Place" draw prize winner, we created Isla together incorporating  her favourite things, strawberry, Chamomile  flowers and chocolate. As sweet as she is. 

Silver Plum: our tribute to our Silver neighbours, a group of beautiful silver ladies that gather and giggle. 

Cuban Magic:  A trip to the largest Ice Cream parlour in the world, Where Fidel could eat 16 scoops a day ! Breakfast of champions, from Cuba to Paisley…..

Chesters’ Rhubarb : A Lovely gentleman pops into our Paisley shoppe with a bouquet of rhubarb from his uncles patch, which was left to him in his will. Thank you Uncle Chester !

Lotsa Strawberry :  our Mayor's Favourite ! and he's a dairy farmer ! Best strawberry ice cream he has EVER had ! 

Mac T –  Our eldest daughter McKenzie forwarded a package to us from Kelowna BC from her favourite lavender farm,,, please make my favourite Tea into ice cream,,,,, and le viola !

Coco –  This flavour is made in the Spirit of Robbs long lost pet, her favourite past time was chasing kangaroos and lethal brown snakes ! such energy can only be captured in chocolate tripled !

Avocado/wasabi – Tammies favourite, perfect for those without a sweet tooth ! creamy green with a slight zing..

Unicorn Poo –  A very special recipe created with our customer Graham, who won our “Happy place” contest in 2019. His grandmother came in for our tasting and said “ it’s the best unicorn poo she has ever had”

Lemon 3 – a very dear Irish friend Molly, was looking for a refreshing ice cream as she was suffering through an Australian summer. She said her favourite ice cream was called “ lemon tree”….we learned it was actually “lemon 3” !

Tassie Tiger- Australian spin on the traditional Tiger Tail,  In our belief that the Thylacine lives on.

Ginger snapped - themed after our Gingerbread Christmas, a Paisley annual event.

A Christmas Cameo -  named after our youngest daughter, very sweet and a little intense !

Banana  chocolate –  Robbs favourite, cause hes just a simple guy !

Barbs White Lace – one of our favourite customers, lovely as old lace, unique and just a wee bit wild !

J-Rock - local young customer was hospitalized in Sick kids, we helped, and he still Rocks !

Selena’s Aurora!- the winner of our 2020 “Happy Time draw” a story of challenges and discoveries during our Covid times.

White Ribbon- our Covid essential workers campaign. Partnering with Kendra Fisher of “Mentally Fit" 

Summer Jazz-  A Special Flavour created in support of the  John Kyles parkette -  our First Dreamcycle

Heartlight- Our First Smoked Flavour - as we help Save the Range Light in Southampton.

 Space Balls - Some Sci-Fi freeze dried fun with a Dandy John Candy theme

 Saturns Moon- Our Cool to be kind! Prize winner- Phoebes “most intriguing flavour”

Zyla- Isla- All grown up!

Imagine- A special Oakfest mental health fundraiser, think The Beatles Birthday cake.

Saugie Berry- Ice Cream Science 101- still searching for our Saugeen River Spirit! best flavour creation, Well done Landan
Paisley Paddler
- in Supporting our local Paddlers Club

Booby Prize - Walkerton hospital mammogram fundraiser. 

 Gypsy Rose-  An intricate flavour created with mom in mind.

Snow Cakes: beautifully hand moulded non dairy delicates
Paradise- PNG,the land of the unexpected 

Candelay- A comfort tea

Haruka- Japanese sweatheart
Cool Runnings-
 D-Free, a tribute to our Dairy God mother who shared her Coconut Dream ! Plus Jamaican bob sledding is very cool.

Eureka ! - our first d-free option Super Foods, Copaiba, (as close to CBD as allowed), Spirulina, Hemp seed/oil. Carob and spearmint.  Now you're in your "happy space"  

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